Barry Lewis is a stud ! Barry worked in the newspaper business for many years but I'm pretty sure an editor never let that first sentence get into print. Actually, I'm not sure Mrs. Lewis has even put that first sentence in print ? Yet, this is a very true statement. As I predicted in my last blog the winner of the 2017 "Challenge" is Barry Lewis.

When I signed up for the contest I had one goal, to win the contest. I did my research and determined that 12 percent weight loss had won the contest each of the past two years. For me to lose 12 percent body weight I would need to loose an ambitious average of 2.5 pounds per week.  Six weeks into the contest it became clear that the 12 percent may actually be a reality. What I did not calculate that someone like Barry Lewis would actually lose 13 percent this year and leave my goal of 12 percent in the dust. Much like Mario Andretti in the Indianapolis 500, I led all of the laps except the last one. Congratulations to Barry on the last lap pass.

I did reach my goal of losing 12 percent of my body weight. More shocking then the actual pounds lost was the fact I went from 44 percent to 32 percent body fat. Based upon my Purdue education it appears that all 12 percent of my body weight I lost was actual fat ! My waist alone trimmed down 6 inches in just 10 weeks as part of 14.5 inches that came off my body. Considering that 2 to 3 percent body fat and 1 inch of waist loss was a realistic goal for a 10 week time period I was very proud of these numbers.

As important as the numbers were , it was the things that I learned during this 10-week time period that was the most beneficial. I set a goal for myself to go 10 weeks without drinking any fountain drinks and I did meet that goal. I'm sure I will again drink fountain drinks but I have found that water is actually an alternative for me. I hit just one drive-thru during those ten weeks and overall ate much healthier when I was obligated to eat out. Again this is not a habit I will keep at the same intensity as the past 10 weeks but the overall trend I hope to continue.

In closing I have a very simple message. If I can do this then you can too! Look at all that I was able to accomplishment in just 10 weeks. I'm not going to say it wasn't a "Challenge" but again that was the name of the competition. Honestly though it was not nearly as difficult as I thought it was going to be. It was all about making one good choice after another (and forgiving yourself on the bad choices in order to make another good choice again). I hope to continue on until I reach my goal weight of 180 pounds. Perhaps I will even send another blog update again when I do reach this goal weight. Until then, thank you for your continued support and I look forward to hearing from you on how you have accomplished the "Challenge" that you have before you.