Cassie Hagan
Cassie Hagan
Callers and visitors to the Crawfordsville Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce better be on their toes – or it might cost them a dollar!
Just last month Cassie Hagan transitioned from a seat on the Chamber’s board of directors to the full-time executive director role.
Last week, she was joined by Casey Hockersmith, the new assistant director of the Chamber.
Casey? Cassie? See how this could get confusing?
Enter former Chamber board member and officer Ned Swanson from Haley’s Lock Safe & Key. Hagan (that would be Cassie) said Ned came up with the idea of creating a Chamber jar. And every time someone slips up on the names, they’ll kindly be asked to toss in a dollar.
Word has it that Chamber board president Phil Littell has put in the first two dollars.
But more importantly is the addition of Hockersmith. The Chamber has not had an executive director and an assistant director before. The closest the organization came was a few years ago when Tom Utley ran both the Chamber and the economic development organization Indiana West and Anne Shaw was named the deputy director of the Chamber.
“When I interviewed for the executive director position, I already had Casey in mind to fill the second staff role,” Hagan explained. “I had the pleasure of working with Casey several years ago in the career development office at Wabash College. I already knew we worked well as a team and that she had the perfect skill set and work ethic to help me take the Chamber to the next level in 2020. She had since established herself as a successful realtor, so I was glad that she agreed to take the meeting. I knew bringing Casey in as assistant director was the right move for the Chamber after we had a great meeting to discuss ideas and goals for the future. I think our board of directors are equally as excited to see what we can accomplish in 2020.”
Hockersmith said she’s excited about the prospects the job holds.
“I am most looking forward to supporting our local businesses through meaningful resources and quality programs,” she said. “My vision is for the Chamber to establish a level of value for our members that is second to none and will also stand as a benchmark for west central Indiana.”
Hockersmith started the new job Jan. 6. As Hagan said, she came from the FC Tucker company. She has a degree in sports marketing and management from Indiana University. She is a Montgomery County native and serves on the board of directors for the Montgomery County Visitors Bureau. She and her husband, Zach, live here with their two sons, Hudson and Camden.