Monday night's city council committee meeting had a familiar ring to it. This time, it's the Crawfordsville Waste Water Department seeking a rate increase.

Waste Water Superintendent Tom Mitchell had Kyle Small of Crowe Horwath introduce a rate study that was commissioned on behalf of the Waste Water Department.

Small presented three possible scenarios designed to raise money for equipment and to pay for ever-tightening requirements.

"Every time you get a new permit they scrutinize what you have done in past," Mitchell told the council members during their monthly committee meeting. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management recently granted the Crawfordsville utility a new, five-year permit. "The better you perform in the next permit cycle (more) you will probably get tightened down."

Crowe Horwath is recommending residents, businesses and industries on the city sewer pay a 15 percent increase followed by 3 percent per year for five years.

For the past five years, those who use the city sewer have paid an annual increase of 2 percent per year.

Small asked the council members to not look at the percent increase but to think that the typical residential user, who uses 5,000 gallons per month, would see their bill increase about $3.61 the first year.

The 15 percent increase the first year would be the same for all, regardless of how many gallons of water they put down the drain.

The city council is expected to consider the request this coming Monday at 7 p.m. at the City Building during its regular meeting.

A public hearing is required before any rate increase can take effect.