The City of Crawfordsville released snow removal plans for the downtown area.
The plan is to begin working around midnight Friday and work overnight. Mayor Todd Barton said the hope is to finish by 6 a.m., but it could run longer if they experience any complications or equipment problems. The areas to be cleared are listed below:
Washington Street: from Wabash Avenue to Market Street
Market Street: from Water Street to Walnut Street
Water Street: from Market Street to Pike Street
Green Street: from Market Street to Pike Street
Main Street: from Vernon Court to Walnut Street
Pike Street: from Water Street to Walnut Street
The city reminds everyone to observe the following:
1. Please remove parked cars from the affected streets by late evening. This will speed up the process and eliminate the need to track down owners or remove vehicles.
2. If vehicles must be moved, a tow truck will be used and they will be relocated to an area of the downtown that has already been cleared.
3. The city cannot safely place equipment on the sidewalks because of the voids that exist underneath the sidewalks in many areas. These are from old subterranean storefronts, coal chutes, etc. As a result, the city will attempt to reach as much from the street as possible but you can help the process by getting snow as close to the street area as possible at the end of today.
4. For safety reasons, the city won’t remove snow that is piled up against buildings.
5. If problem areas remain, the city will continue to work on those next week. The overnight effort will focus heavily on the high traffic areas that are difficult to address during day/evening hours.
6. City crews will perform most of the cleanup work and private contractor dump trucks will be utilized to help haul the snow away.