STATEHOUSE – A bill authored by State Rep. Tony Cook (R-Cicero) to permanently decouple teacher performance evaluations from student test scores passed out of the House Education Committee on Tuesday.
Cook said students’ standardize exam results make up a significant portion of educators’ annual performance evaluations. Cook, vice-chair of the House Education Committee and former school district superintendent and principal, said House Bill 1002 would allow school districts to determine how student exams are used when evaluating teachers.
“Local school administrators have a better grasp of educators’ strengths in the classroom,” Cook said. “Giving individual school districts the flexibility to decide how to use test scores in evaluations will provide a more complete and accurate picture of teachers’ overall performance.”
He said performance evaluations play a role in where an educator falls on the highly effective to ineffective scale. These assessments are a factor in deciding whether a teacher is eligible for a pay raise, which is why Cook said Indiana needs to take a hard look at moving away from using standardized test scores in evaluations.
“Teachers have a lot on the line when their performance is evaluated in the classroom,” Cook said. “Our educators play a vital role in ensuring our young Hoosiers are set on a solid path to success.”
House Bill 1002 now moves to the House floor for further consideration. For more information about this bill, visit