The 2014 budget was adopted by the county council members at the courthouse on Monday morning.

The requested amount for the general county fund budget was $8,680,989 and the council approved $7,495, 310. The council believes there is sufficient revenue to support the budget and it will be sent to the state for its approval.

The council approved 5-2 to appropriate from the general fund money for a $1,000 stipend for every county employee to be given Jan. 1, 2014. That does not include probation officers who are paid by the state and the sheriff who is under contract.

The money originated as a proposed raise by Richard Chastain. After hours of discussion, it was amended to a one-time stipend and Tom Utley made the motion.

Chastain and Michael Plant voted against the stipends. Chastain's reason was that he does not like the idea of paying a stipend in advance, but approved of a raise. Plant was in favor of the stipend but did not have the clarity of how may employees that included.

The council approved 6-0-1 to make areas of Madison Township and all of Sugar Creek Township an economic revitalization area. The tax abatement requested by Sugar Creek Wind, LLC was also approved by a vote of 5-1-1. Plant voted against it while Tom Utley abstained from both matters.