The Montgomery County Assessor has tendered her resignation and her last official day in office will be April 30. However, Joyce Laughlin, an employee in the county assessor's office, said Ewoldt told her that she does not plan to return to her office in the courthouse.

Laughlin said that Ewoldt said she plans to marry in September and the groom is going to be Madison County Councilman David McCartney.

Ewoldt said in her resignation letter that she has taken another job.

"I have accepted a position where I will have the opportunity to provide services to county assessors across the state," Ewoldt wrote in her resignation letter to Montgomery County Clerk Jennifer Bentley dated March 27.

Jim Maynard, a spokesman for Appraisal Research Corp. in Findlay, Ohio, confirmed Ewoldt has accepted a job with that firm. He said he did not know what she is going to be doing.

Montgomery County Republican Chairman John Pickerill said he was surprised by Ewoldt's resignation.

"I was mostly surprised by the deadline of the 30th of April because what I understand she is already gone," Pickerill said. "I didn't know why she couldn't fill her term. I haven't talked to her so she may have had her reasons."

Ewoldt was involved in controversy in 2012 when a string of inappropriate emails were sent between Ewoldt and McCarty, who was an employee of the Madison County Assessor's office. Those emails were made public.

Ewoldt was named to the assessor's position in 2010 by a Republican caucus and decided to not run for re-election this year.

Pickerill stated in an e-mail Monday that the Party will schedule a caucus to replace Ewoldt in May.

The only candidate on the Republican ballot in the May primary election is Sherri Bentley, Ewoldt's chief deputy in the assessor's office.

"My name is in for the caucus," Bentley said Monday afternoon. "I am expecting smooth transition."

When asked if Ewoldt's resignation surprised her, she said it did not.

"She is staying in the same industry," Bentley said. "She and I have been friends for a long time. We'll continue to be friends."

The Paper was unable to reach Ewoldt.