On Tuesday, the Montgomery County Council met to discuss additional appropriations, transfers and abatements. The council approved an additional appropriation of $1.43 million into the Crawfordsville District Public Library’s Capital Improvement Fund. The money will be used to replace the library’s HVAC system.
The council also approved additional appropriations to the following:
• $3,665.71 to the EMA for their Stop to Bleed program.
• $87.50 to the county jail for a uniform reimbursement for an employee that resigned.
• $700 and $60 to the Sheriff’s Office for a program called NetMotion that keeps the air cards in their vehicles connected to the network. The $60 is for the Waynetown and Linden, the $700 is for Crawfordsville’s police and fire department.
Beth Sessions, E911 Director, requested money for items totaling $324,923.08 be moved from the Central Communications Center’s 911 Fund into the center’s budget because they ran out of surplus funds.
The probation department was awarded a number of grants. None of the grants were new, but there were changes in the amounts and how they were being expended.
• 18-19 VTC Grants totaling $84,680
• 18-19 IDOC Grants totaling $190,924
• 18-19 Vet Court PSC Grants totaling $10,000
• 18-19 Drug Court PSC Grants totaling $10,000
The council approved the following transfers:
•$2,000 from COGEN – Superior 1 – Law Clerk to Pauper Counsel fees
•$6,100 from Drug Free Community – Intervention/Treatment to Education/Prevention
•$9736.58 from the Health Fund - PT Nurse STI Salary to Public Health Educator
•$12,765 from E911- UPS System to computer software
•$2,856.12 from Sheriff Work Release – Cleaning & Sanitation to Repairs Building & Structure
• $200 from IDOC Grant – SS/MED to insurance
•$200 from IDOC Grant –INPRS to insurance
In new business, County Sheriff, Mark Casteel, gave a quarterly commissary report. Ballards at the jail were installed at the jail under budget, they just made the second installment payment of $60,850 to Stanley Solutions for their new security software, and they have no plans for major projects as of today.
The council also approved abatement resolutions for Steel Technologies, Indiana Municipal Power Agency’s solar farm in Waynetown and Nucor Corporation.
They also approved a claim of $975.41 to Peters Municipal Consultants, LTD for services through June 24.
County Commissioner Jim Fulwider said on Thursday representatives from their health insurance would be meeting with elected officials and department heads to review changes that have been made.
Dan Taylor, county attorney, said the commissioners are codifying the investment policy that the council passed so that will be available to the public. He will also be reviewing new laws that went into effect on July 1 to see if any of them affect the council’s procedures.
Ashley Adair, extension educator for the Montgomery County – Purdue Extension, gave their quarterly extension express. She highlighted a local food summit in April, training for the I Am Learning, I Am Moving program and this year’s 4H camp.

Councilman Mark Davidson said he would like to address the Economic Revitalization Area for Sugar Creek, Madison and Coal Creek Townships.
“I thought this was ill-conceived and a misuse of the designation, and economic revitalization area,” he said. “It was a statute to revitalize slums and areas that were in imminent decline, and I don’t believe that these townships were in any kind of decline.”
Council President Terry Hockersmith said they will put it on the agenda for their next meeting to discuss.
Councilman Don Mills gave a recap of Tox-Away Day in the county. He said they averaged one car pulling in every 45 seconds, and he said he was pleased with the public’s participation.
The council’s next meeting will be on Aug. 14.