Joni Jeffries, a Montgomery County native, has recently started a company to provide solutions when the time comes to sell all contents of a home. Whether it’s because of death, a move into assisted living, or any other reason, relatives don’t always know where to start to sell goods inside a home. The company is called Six Houses Estate Sales and prepares a home’s content for sale by pricing every item, promoting and managing the sale, and giving a check to the owner when all is said and done.
Jeffries says she worked for one of the most successful estate sales companies in North Carolina and decided to bring the concept with her when she returned to Indiana.
She explains that the Six Houses team begins by meeting with the owner to determine exactly what they want to keep and what will be sold. The company promotes the sale through online and print advertising, and through its own network of antique dealers and resale shops.
“We usually hold the sale over a weekend,” she adds. “Buyers enter the home on a first-come, first-served basis, and pay for items with cash, credit cards, or checks. We typically sell between 85 and 90 percent of the contents.” The homeowner or executor decides whether to keep, donate, or dispose of whatever doesn’t sell. “About a week later, the seller gets a check and copies of all the receipts.”
Six Houses is paid through a commission on the total sales, giving the company a motivation to get the best price possible, Jeffries notes. The company can even arrange to clean the house after the sale.
To learn more about Six Houses Estate Sales, visit them online at, or call Jeffries at (765) 918-4300.