Montgomery County is working on the groundwork of their plan for economic development and is looking for input from residents. There will be a public workshop tonight at 6 p.m. at North Montgomery High School for the community to tell the county and it’s planning consultant, HWC, what direction they should take when it comes to economic development.
The planning is possible thanks to a matching grant from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs. They have provided the county with $36,000 with another $4,000 from Indiana West Advantage.
Montgomery County Commissioner John Frey said that the HWC is an engineering firm that has been brought on to offer their expertise of putting the plan together.
“It is our plan, the community’s plan. They are only offering their expertise,” Frey said. “The whole point of the plan is to grow our community and to create jobs.”
Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton, who defunded IWA earlier this year in favor of a committee of elected officials-based Economic Development Authority, said that this falls in line with the local goals of economic development. The county followed suit in fully defunding IWA.
“It’s important as we reshape economic development that when you put a team out to sell your community, they need to know what the city and county want,” Barton said. “This will give them a feel of what the county wants.
“I hope a lot of county residents go. It’s a good chance for residents from the county to weigh in on what development they want and how they want to see it occur,” Barton said.