Tuesday’s election results brought a strong showing for the Republican Party across the state. Races for state positions involving Montgomery County were no different. Of the 12,700 votes cast in Montgomery County, 5,821 or 45.83 percent were straight ticket selections. Of those, 4,446 were straight ticket Republican, 1,280 were straight ticket Democrat and 95 were straight ticket Libertarian.
Sitting State Sen. Phil Boots was unopposed for re-election in District 23. With almost 98 percent of the precincts reported, Boots garnered 36,218 votes across the district. In Montgomery County, Boots tallied 10,292 votes on his way to re-election. Boots is an owner of The Paper of Montgomery County.
In the State Representative race for District 41, Rep. Tim Brown was unable to campaign for the latter part of the election after a motorcycle accident in Michigan. He’s home and recovering, but that didn’t slow his constituents. Brown, a Republican, dispatched Democrat challenger Brock Ervin with more than 73 percent of the votes across the district. Brown’s 16,164 votes were well ahead of Ervin’s 5,909 (26.8 percent). Those numbers matched Montgomery County voters, 73.65 percent of whom (8,138 votes) cast in favor of Brown. Ervin earned 26.35 percent, or 2,911 votes, here.
In a race that touched just three Montgomery County precincts, Rep. Sharon Negele, a Republican) retained her District 13 position as State Representative. She earned 78.87 percent (1,071 votes), easily outgaining her challenger, Democrat Loretta Barnes’ 287 votes, accounting for 21.13 percent.
In federal elections, Montgomery County also matched the will of the state. In the race for United States Congressional District 4, Republican Jim Baird outgained Democrat Tobi Beck 64.2 percent to 35.8 percent (150,341 votes to 83,793 votes). Baird gained 73.53 percent of the county’s votes (9,145) compared to Beck’s 26.43 percent (3,287). There were five write in votes for the county.
As Republican newcomer Mike Braun raced to unseat incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly for his spot in the United State Senator, Montgomery County backed Braun to the tune of 66.65 percent (8,362) to 28.04 percent (3,518). Libertarian Lucy Brenton earned 5.25 percent of the county’s votes (439). Braun went on to win the seat by a margin of 51.7 percent to Donnelly’s 44.2 percent. Brenton garnered just over four percent of the votes across the state.