The antics that go on between Wabash and DePauw in regards to the Monon Bell game are legendary.
Thanks to a mental slip-up in Greencastle, another chapter’s been added.
The heated football rivalry between the two schools that has been going on since 1890 really heated up in 1932 when the 300-pound Monon Bell was added as a traveling trophy. The winning school keeps the bell until the next game a year later. There are countless examples of one school or the other trying to steal the bell, as well as stories about the game itself.
Apparently this week, free Monon Bell T-shirts were handed out at DePauw. The text on the shirt said “Securin’ the Bell since 1932.” The only problem? The art on the shirt was the Liberty Bell, not the Monon Bell.
Wabash was quick to jump on the mistake.
A tweet from the account @WabashCollege said:
“We couldn’t help but notice your Bell t-shirts this year.
For the record, you can have the Liberty Bell. We’ll keep the other one safe for you for another year.”
A second tweet showed the Liberty Bell with Wabash and DePauw colors on it and the message: We fixed it for you.
The two Indiana liberal arts colleges square off again today in Greencastle at 1 p.m. Fox Sports will telecast it live. This is the 126th meeting on the football field between the two schools. Wabash holds an overall series lead of 62 wins against 54 losses and nine ties. In Bell games, Wabash has won 43, lost 38 and tied six.