The Drug Free County Coalition, which serves as the Local Coordinating Council for Montgomery County, had a Mini-Grant Check Presentation on Tuesday at the Crawfordsville District Public Library.
The purpose of Drug Free Montgomery County Coalition is to bring together a cross section of the community in a countywide effort to reduce youth and adult use/abuse and the negative impact of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs through multiple strategies across multiple sectors. The Coalition wants to see Montgomery County be a safe and healthy community that is free from alcohol, tobacco and drug misuse and abuse.
Its goals are to increase knowledge and skills while changing behaviors, attitudes and the environment of our community.
The Coalition has been in existence since 1990 serving as the local coordinating council for the Governor’s Commission for a Drug Free Indiana. The Coalition is governed by an executive board/leadership team who are responsible for guiding the organization.
Another part of the work of the Coalition is the administration of the mini-grant process that allows drug user fees collected by the county to be utilized to help address substance abuse issues in our community. These fees are to be utilized in four areas. This year the Coalition was able to grant more than $42,000 to support programs in Montgomery County that are addressing the substance misuse issue. The following are the grant recipients for this year.
1. Education/Prevention – This includes education/awareness programs, activities, services, or materials aimed at deterring individuals from the use or abuse of alcohol or other drugs and the prevention of related problems. Mini-grants in this focus area are:
o Teen Court received $1,000 to pay for attendance at the Annual Teen Court Conference, purchase of dispositional alternatives and for volunteer recruitment and training for Teen Court.
o Montgomery County Health Department received $3,000 for safe sharps collection and disposal, it will provide collection sites and sharps containers so needles and syringes are not accessible or reused by individuals. This includes funding for secured containers to be installed in public locations.
o Girls Nite In received $500 for their girls mentoring program to purchase curriculum books for participants. The curriculum explores substance abuse issues, self-esteem, healthy relationships and coping mechanisms. There is a strong concentration on strengthening refusal skills and forming support systems.
o National Night Out received $2,250 to offset expenses for the event. It helps provide event insurance, prizes, entertainment and materials for the Drug Free Montgomery County Booth.
o North Montgomery SADD chapter received $1,370 for registration costs for the state conference, volunteer recruitment and retention and supplies and support materials for programs.
o Trinity Horizons received $5,500 for workbooks for substance abuse treatment for 40 men and for drug screens that help residents maintain sobriety.
o Through the Gate Inc. received $600 for drug testing for residents of their sober living center for women leaving incarceration needing skills training and additional support to remain in recovery.
o Recovery Coalition Inc. received $3,996 to provide programming at their new sober recreation center. They are a host site for AA/NA meetings and parent support groups as well as providing activities for participants.
o Crawfordsville Community School Corporation received $2,000 for their minds in motion project. This program identifies students at risk of substance abuse and works with them in small groups on issues of self-esteem, social supports, problem solving, conflict resolution and refusal skills.
3. Intervention/Treatment – This includes services for those who are identified as in need of recovery from problems associated with excessive or inappropriate use of alcohol and or other drugs. Services in this area cover a spectrum of activities such as referral and assessment, a continuum of treatment services ranging from outpatient programs to residential settings.
o Halfway Home received $8,000 for a certified recovery specialist to work with residents while they are in the program.
4. Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement - This focus area includes efforts that deal with the legal consequences of substance abuse and includes crime prevention, law enforcement, prosecution, probation, court and correctional services.
o Crawfordsville Police Department received $590 for equipment for undercover drug enforcement work.
o Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department received $1,149 for equipment for undercover drug enforcement work.
o Montgomery County Probation received $12,100 substance abuse assessments for inmates, drug court incentives, veteran’s court incentives, juvenile drug screens to allow increased screening of juveniles to allow for more effective and timely interventions and juvenile Tru Thoughts.
All of grant recipients must agree to complete a report on their activities at the end of the grant period, promote drug free living consistently in their programs and organizations, attend at least three Coalition meetings during the year and attend the Red Ribbon Breakfast in October.