Despite rumors to the contrary, Anita Carpenter of Crawfordsville was not associated with the Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault Inc. (INCASA)when that organization closed its doors.

Carpenter said Monday night she has not been associated with INCASA since early April when she was discharged.

Rumors have been circulating, linking Carpenter to the closing of INCASA.

When you call the Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault Inc. office in Indianapolis, you hear a recording that says that organization's office is closed and you are directed to a national organization's office.

When we called that number, we were put through to the Family Crisis Shelter in Crawfordsville.

"It's well known there was a back tax issue," Carpenter said. However, she said she does not know what happened to the organization after she left.

"That's with the board," she said.

A statement on the INCASA web site confirms the tax situation.

"Funding has been difficult in the past few years and many of you know that INCASA has struggled especially with raising unrestricted dollars," the INCASA website stated Monday. "However, we have discovered a new financial threat placing the organization in serious jeopardy.

"The Board has been made aware that a substantial amount of taxes were not paid dating back to 2012. As a result, state and federal contracts and grant awards, and even reimbursement for work completed, cannot be distributed until the arrears are paid.

"We have made every effort to pay those taxes, however, we are still in a shortfall. As a result, the Board of Directors has been forced to suspend operations and lay off all staff to keep from incurring additional debt. Our goal is to be able to pay the remaining taxes so that existing grant funds may be released and distributed to grantees and other creditors."

"We know that this news is as devastating to you as it is to us, as the Board wholeheartedly believes in the important mission of INCASA."