A classic, diner-style, family restaurant is hard to come by these days as chains seem to dominate the culinary landscape. This week, it got a little harder to find, as the Crawfordsville Forum Family Restaurant was forced to close its doors by the Indiana Department of Revenue.
Michelle Cain, director of external communications for the DOR, explained the process. “It’s called being posted, when DOR puts a notice like that on a business’s door. Generally, when we post a business, it doesn’t mean it’s closed, they just can’t do any retail transactions. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses close after being posted because they can’t make any retail transactions.”
When asked why the Forum had been posted, Cain said, “Most of the time a business gets posted, it’s due to outstanding tax liability. I can confirm that there are outstanding tax liabilities (for the Forum).”
Cain declined to provide any further information on the matter, citing department policy.
What this means for the Forum is not entirely clear at this point.
“It’s definitely not a first step,” Cain explained. “If a business gets posted, it’s not the first point of contact. It follows several attempts to contact the business and work through the problem.”
The Forum is at least the third Crawfordsville restaurant to close doors in the last few weeks. Marco’s Pizza and Wings Etc. both closed their doors recently.