As 12,700 registered voters cast ballots in Montgomery County’s 2018 General Election, a strong majority of those were in favor of Republican Jim Fulwider for Montgomery County Commissioner in District 2. With 7,724 votes, Fulwider retained his Commissioner seat over Independent Ed Stephens. Stephens garnered 4,135 votes, approximately a difference of 65 percent to 35 percent.
“I never try to count anything out or try to predict what’s going to happen. I just go put my word out and try to do the right thing and get the word out on what I look for, for Montgomery County. I think it’s important to get your word out and the people of Montgomery County were gracious enough to elect me again and I appreciate that,” Fulwider said.
Fulwider will now serve his third term as commissioner. He previously spent six years on the Montgomery County Council and he’s been a Firefighter with the Crawfordsville Fire Department for 24 years.
Stephens, now retired, previously served as a County Commissioner from 2003-2006.
“I think voter turnout was good,” Stephens said. He noted that he had heard reports of as much as 75 percent of the ballots cast going straight-ticket Republican. “When you go against a party in this county and it’s that much straight ticket, it’s hard to compete with.
“I’m proud of the race we ran,” Stephens added. “We gave people a choice.”
Stephens said he will stay politically active for as long as he’s able, but said he doesn’t intend to run in another election.
Fulwider will now serve four more years as a commissioner.
“I want to continue to work to move this county forward and continue to have progress . . . It’s an overwhelming feeling see that people trust and support you and (elect you).”