Last week, Gloria Rightsell of Linden, widow of Glenn Rightsell, filed a tort claim notice with the state attorney general through her attorney, Bruce Kehoe.
The tort claim is the first step in taking legal action against the state. The state of Indiana has 90 days to make a response. The state can accept the claim and settle with Ms. Rightsell or deny it and open the door for legal action against the state by the Rightsell family and their attorney.
“If, after 90 days, the state has made no response, the claim is deemed denied and the citizen can go ahead with their claim,” explained Kehoe.
Glenn Rightsell was shot by Indiana State Trooper Daniel Organ in December on U.S. 231 while trying to fix a busted hose on his daughter’s stalled SUV. Mr. Rightsell was alert and responsive at the scene, but died as a result of his wounds several hours later at Franciscan Health Crawfordsville.
Gloria Rightsell previously filed suit with the Indiana Department of Insurance through its medical malpractice division. That suit is filed against Franciscan Health and the doctor who assisted Mr. Rightsell, Dr. Ryan Weakly, claiming they failed to treat Rightsell’s injuries until it was too late.