“One Big Home” will be the next Green Issues film to be shown Tuesday at 7 p.m. in Korb classroom at the Wabash College Fine Arts Center on South Grant Street. Parking is available in the lot just south of the center.
On the tiny island of Martha’s Vineyard, where presidents and celebrities vacation, trophy homes threaten to destroy the island’s unique character. Twelve years in the making, One Big Home follows one carpenter’s journey to understand the trend toward giant houses. When he feels complicit in wrecking the place he calls home, he takes off his tool belt and picks up a camera. Bumping up against angry homeowners and builders who look the other way, he works with his community and attempts to pass a new bylaw to limit house size. The film which starts out with bias is said to be an impressive fair assessment of a complex cultural issue.
The movie is part of the Green Issues Film Series offered free to the public by the League of Women Voters of Montgomery County and the Wabash College Lilly Library. Light refreshments will be provided.