A dramatic transformation of Hoosier Heartland State Bank’s Crawfordsville South branch is scheduled to begin this week. The branch will remain open to the public during construction, which will be complete in April 2020.
“We couldn’t be more excited about the big changes happening at HHSB,” Trey Etcheson, CEO of HHSB said. “The investment we’re making in our branch transformation signifies our continued growth and reinforces our commitment to serving our customers and the community.”
The branch remodel continues the growing trend in banking toward technology automation and optimizing the customer experience. Instead of traditional teller lines the branch will embrace an open retail environment. The new function and experience are designed to enable staff to dive deeper into building and growing relationships.
“We believe our new branch will provide the complete experience Hoosier Heartland wants for our customers and staff,” stated Brad Monts, President of HHSB. “In addition, the exterior renovations and branding will allow our company to better differentiate itself.”
Hoosier Heartland State Bank partnered with Atlanta-based company LEVEL-5 to transform its main branch and develop a new operations center. A new training facility is also in the works and will be complete this fall.