The Paper received word Wednesday afternoon that Sommer Metalcraft was planning to close its Crawfordsville location at the end of the month. Local officials said that they had heard the rumors as well, but had not been officially notified.
“We’ve reached out to them and I don’t know that we have any information back yet,” said Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton. “My plan is to reach out to them personally again tomorrow.
“They have enough employees that they would need to give us notice and they have not done that,” Barton said. He added that the company would have to notify the county and state as well. “That’s what’s a little confusing to me. I’m hearing it but nothing has been confirmed . . . We did meet with (Sommer) within the last two months as part of our process where we’ve been meeting with local employers and there was no indication at that time that there would be a closure coming.”
Montgomery County Commissioner president Jim Fulwider said that to his knowledge the county had not received notice.
“If it’s true we would work with our Workforce Development Group similar to what we’ve done with the Walmart Optical Lab,” said Barton.
Attempts to reach Sommer Metalcraft were unsuccessful Wednesday.