The value in education is in actually valuing the education. It’s value at Wabash College has never been higher. Just this week, a Time magazine article trumpeted the payoff of studying the humanities, and Wabash ranked 11th nationally in the return on investment for graduates with a B.A. in humanities.
Over a 20-year period following graduation, Wabash graduates who receive financial aid earn nearly $600,000 more than those without a degree, according to data provided by That return hovers above $500,000 after factoring in the cost of attendance.
That figure places Wabash in the company of elite institutions nationwide, including five Ivy League schools, Duke, and the University of California, Berkeley.
“We were delighted to be on the Time/Money ranking of the top-15 liberal arts colleges and universities whose graduates earn the most,” said Wabash College President Gregory D. Hess, “which places us in good company with many of the nation’s finest universities.”
Wabash’s ROI performance outdistances humanities majors in general, earning an average of $19,100 more per year over that 20-year period for graduates of 245 colleges in the PayScale study.
On other fronts relating to returns and investments, the College’s fourth-annual Day of Giving smashed all existing records in raising more than $850,000 in less than 24-hours, spotlighting Wabash’s great tradition of giving.
Philanthropy is the heart of the Wabash experience and engaged Wabash family, friends, students, and alumni made an astounding 4,205 gifts totaling $851,000, figures that easily surpassed the 3,540 gifts and $619,000 given last year.

Est. 20-Year ROI for Humanities BAs who received Financial Aid
College Location
Yale University New Haven, CT $812,000
Princeton University Princeton, NJ $804,000
Duke University Durham, NC $761,000
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA $697,000
Washington & Lee University Lexington, VA $694,000
Lehigh University Bethlehem, PA $686,000
Dartmouth College Hanover, NH $675,000
Harvard University Cambridge, MA $668,000
Virginia Military Institute Lexington, VA $649,000
Union College Schenectady, NY $593,000
WABASH COLLEGE Crawfordsville, IN $582,000
Virginia Military Institute Lexington, VA $563,000
Boston College Chestnut Hill, MA $560,000
Colgate University Hamilton, NY $551,000
University of California Berkeley, CA $542,000