The Paper of Montgomery County, in cooperation with the Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau, will weekly be bringing its readers stories of Montgomery County children who are currently in need of a mentor through the Juvenile Mentoring Program (JUMP). This is the second story installment. All names and some situational details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the children.

The Juvenile Mentoring Program has been an active program of the Montgomery County Youth Service Bureau since 2005. We have proudly made hundreds of matches of adult mentors and youth mentees, some matches continue to meet to this day.

Being a mentor is one of the best decisions you can make, Jill Hampton, JUMP Program manager says.

"We repeatedly hear from several of our mentors how they feel that they at times benefit just as much, if not more, from the mentoring relationship," she added.

Adults who make the decision to volunteer through mentoring and/or other community service activities, statistically have healthier lives, live longer and are statistically happier according to a paper by Dr. Suzanne Richards and her colleagues at the University of Exeter Medical School in Exeter, UK.

Mentoring is a valuable volunteer experience as you can see how the life of a youth can change with your friendship. There are several youth waiting for a mentor with the Juvenile Mentoring Program. Sally is one such girl.

Sally is 7 years old and lives in a small town in the southern part of Montgomery County. She lives with her single mother and two siblings. Her mother wants her to have a mentor so that she can have opportunities that she can't provide at the moment. Sally's mother describes her as a chatterbox who just goes with the flow of things.

Sally loves to play and stay busy. She has a great imagination and loves to dance and sing, Hampton said.

Sally stated that if she could have a mentor she would love to go to a park, go swimming, or walk the dogs at the animal shelter. Sally loves board games, doing puzzles, baking, and going to the zoo or museums.

Sally is also an excellent student and is very active with her church. She also enjoys visiting the library and reading. The best mentor for Sally would be someone who lives in the southern part of Montgomery County, or someone who would not mind driving south of Crawfordsville.

If you believe you could be the perfect mentor for Sally, contact Hampton today at 362-0694 ext. 12 or at for more information. "Mentoring is one of the best things you can do for a child," Hampton said.