“Voting by Mail” will be the topic presented by Bonnis Horlander, President of Indiana Vote by Mail, at the Monday Lunch with the League to be held at St John’s Episcopal Church, 212 South Green Street, noon to 1 p.m.
Supporters of voting by mail note that this can save money, simplify elections, and eliminate voting lines. It can render moot the debate over photo ID rules and let election officials avoid spending millions on software-enabled (but vulnerable to big-impact hacking) voting equipment.
Best of all, it promises double-digit increases in registered voter turnout. In 2014, Oregon’s vote by mail turnout rate was 70.9 percent despite having no hotly contested top races.
One of the League’s goals is to boost voter turnout. Public is invited to come learn with us how the vote by mail process works.
The Lunch with the League series is conducted monthly noon to 1 p.m. in the Ambrose Whitlock Parish Hall of St. John’s Episcopal Church, 212 S. Green, as a free public informational service provided by the LWV. Attendees should bring their own sack lunch and reservations are not required.