HHSB recently announced that Lisa Graham has completed their HHSB Certification. The certification program provides all HHSB team members the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding in their own specialty as well as other areas in banking that they may not have experience in. HHSB created this resource to provide our team members the education they need in order to develop professionally as well as provide better service on a day to day basis in regard to their field of expertise.
“Lisa has done so much for the bank and the New Ross community providing incredible value to her team and customers.” Stated AVP of Retail Services, Zach Hockersmith. “She’s put a lot of effort in becoming certified to further her advisory role.”
“This program encourages our team members to keep growing, and learning. By doing this, we are able to pass along the best possible solutions to our customers. In turn, we all benefit,” stated Hockersmith.
The process will be ongoing as learning never ceases.
“Our internal certification allows our team to constantly stay current on banking trends that impact our customers most.” Stated HHSB Trainer, Rachel Zachary.