The MUFFY residential drive got off to a hot start last night, raising nearly $3,000 in just a couple of hours. Led by residential chair Dr. Rick Warner and vice-chair Cody Leatherman, approximately 125 Wabash freshman went door-to-door throughout Crawfordsville to raise funds for the Montgomery United Fund For You.

With student numbers down, they couldn't hit every neighborhood, but still had an excellent result. Last year's residential drive totaled approximately $3,600. MUFFY Executive Director David Johnson said that the goal for this year's residential drive is $5,000 and they hope to get another $1,000-$2,000 in the coming week from residents calling in or mailing gift-forms.

"It's very exhilarating," said Wabash freshman Adam Burtner, of Brownsburg. "You don't know what to expect, but people were ready for us and were very happy we came around. It taught me a lot of skills about having to ask people with respect and interacting with people. Overall it was just a great night!"

Wabash President Dr. Gregory Hess welcomed students into his home for refreshments after a long night of gathering donations.

To make a donation to the residential drive, simply call MUFFY at 362-5484 or visit them online at

"We think this is going to be a great year," closed Johnson.