The city of Crawfordsville has announced the launch of “Crawfordsville Mayor Time”, a podcast geared toward educating our community about the happenings in the city of Crawfordsville.
Podcasting is increasing in popularity due to the beneficial content provided in such an easily accessible format. This is why Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton has decided to launch his own podcast through Blue Marketing.
“The idea is to utilize this simple means of communication to help better inform the community about what’s happening in the city we all love,” said Mayor Barton. “Beyond informing the public about current events, we hope to use this platform as a means to educate citizens about how their local government works. Maybe you already have a deep understanding of the governing system, but you don’t know as much about your peers who fill the public offices. The podcast will provide an opportunity to hear from the heads of each department as well. The main focus is to keep people in the loop through one of today’s most convenient media outlets.”
So, when can you expect to hear from the Mayor? For now, the podcast will air a new episode every two weeks. As with every city, Crawfordsville is continuously changing, and having the podcast twice a month should help everyone who listens to be more aware of what’s happening.
You can listen on a number of platforms: iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, Stitcher, or the podcast’s website at:
“For the last few years we have really tried to find ways to communicate with the public,” explained Mayor Barton. “We know that things are ever-changing and the way people get their information and consume their information continues to evolve and change. We’ve tried different formats but a podcast seems to be something that appeals to a wide group of people. It’s easily accessible, and we think it’s going to be a great way to communicate about what’s happening in the city on a routine basis.”