Six candidates for county council raised a total of $7,924 and spent $8,968 on their campaigns. That information came from public reports filed with the Montgomery County Clerk's office.

Three candidates did not file reports because they were not required by law to do so. They were Richard Chastain, John Frey and Richard Holtz Jr.

According to Indiana law, if an elected office pays less than $5,000 per year and the candidate does not receive or spend more than $500 on his campaign, he is not required to file, said Karyn Douglas, voter registration deputy in the clerk's office.

You can check out the details of each of the county council candidates' campaign finance reports in this edition of The Paper of Montgomery County.

Campaign finance reports for county commissioner candidates Jim Fulwider and John Pickerill were published in Tuesday's edition.

During the May primary election, Republican voters had the opportunity to decide the candidates that would be on the ballot in the November general election for one county commissioner seat and four county council seats.

Democrats did not have candidates for those seats in the May primary. Democrats may still choose candidates to oppose Republicans in the fall general election. They will do so through their precinct committeemen.

This report was filed April 21. All addresses are Crawfordsville, unless otherwise noted.

All addresses are in Indiana unless state is given.

County Council candidates

Neil Barclay, contributions by individuals: Harold Barclay $300, John McCorkle $200 and Neil and Becky Barclay $816.

Itemized expenditures: Republicans for Freedom and Fiscal Responsibility PAC $362, Discount Mugs, Medley, Fla. $189, Staples $110, GSP $355 and various vendors $29.

Lynne Ringis, contributions by individuals: Lynnette Ringis $150

Contributions by political action committees: Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors Political Action Committee $564.

Debts owed: The "Nosail" Splash Guard Co. Inc. $832

Howard Rippy, contributions by individuals: Howard E. Rippy, Ladoga $250

Debts owed: No-Sail Splash Guard Co., Roachdale $272

Don Mills, contributions by individuals: Garry McCuthan $200, Ronald K. and Sandra L. Mendenhall $100, Edward A. and Patsy Stephens $30, Alan L. and Lavonda S. Zachary $100, DK Hester Farms, $100, Carol H. Hockersmith $650, Anonymous $179, Don Mills $650 and Don Mills $876.

Expenditures: Graphic Screen Printing, Houston, Texas $838.13, Burkhart Advertising, Lafayette $652, WCVL-WIMC $876 and miscellaneous supplies $356.

Gayle Lough, contributions by individuals: Gayle Lough $2,793.

Itemized expenditures: Walmart $106, Burkhart Sign, Lafayette $1,283, Ginny Lough $214, Journal Review $470, CVL Radio $252 and The Paper $435.

Mark A. Davidson, contributions by individuals: Tim Terry $500, David Turner $500 and Vickie Deer $60.

Contributions by Political Action Committees: Republicans for Freedom and Fiscal Responsibility $266.

Itemized expenditures: Customs Signs, Houston, Texas $415, Burkhart, South Bend $652.