MAC is flattered because last week’s answer apparently generated enough interest to get a follow-up question (or maybe MAC just did a bad job of giving complete information!). Also, MAC is honored to know that he was a topic of conversation at a coffee club. Read on!
Dear MAC,
The question and answer on the mayor last week created some questions with our coffee group. How many mayors exactly has Crawfordsville had? Mac, you did a good job of telling us about the three-term mayors but who were the others? What else can you tell us? Inquiring minds want to know.
Well first off, MAC sure appreciates the kind words – even if they are not signed. And let MAC take this opportunity to ask for you to please include your name when sending in a question. MAC sure would appreciate it!
But on to this week’s questions.
We mentioned last week that Crawfordsville has had three mayors who served three consecutive terms. But they were not the first mayors to serve three terms.
How’s that again?
Thomas L. Cooksey was mayor from 1930-35 and then again from 1941-49.
In fact, four men have sat in the mayor’s chair with non-consecutive terms. Crawfordsville’s very first mayor, Wilson H. Laymon, was in office from 1865 to 1868 and then again from 1872 to 1873. Thomas L. Stillwell had two stints also, 1884-86 and 1896-98. Byron R. Russell was in from 1886-90 and 1902-04.And Cooksey wrapped it up with his two stints.
Altogether, 29 men have served as mayor of Crawfordsville.
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