The Ben Hur Life Insurance Building may soon be purchased by a private party and renovated.

The building has been offered in tax sales many times, said County Attorney Dan Taylor during Monday's meeting of the county commissioners. It currently has a delinquent tax bill of more than $100,000. But now, an unidentified party has come forward with the resources to buy the building and successfully rehabilitate it.

Mayor Todd Barton suggested the commissioners invite offers from other parties as well to clean up the property that consists of the building only. An adjacent parking lot is a separate property and the property taxes are current on that property.

Barton, who was at the meeting, told the commissioners a recent state law made it possible to transfer the old hospital property to a private firm that is making strides toward rehabilitating that property. In fact, he said Crawfordsville was the first community to use the new law that made that transfer successful.

"I'm confident we have a client capable of pulling off this project," Barton said about the Ben Hur building.

Taylor said he expects between one and five interested parties will come forward asking to take over the property.

The commissioners agreed to have a hearing on Aug. 11 and make a decision on Aug. 25 or later.