Editor’s Note: The Paper received the following information. It is a letter to parents and citizens in the North and South Montgomery units. School officials shared the letter with the media so that it could be seen by the entire community.

Dear Faculty and Families,
We have received inquiries regarding the upcoming Red for Ed rally coordinated by Indiana State Teachers Association at the Statehouse on November 19. We want to make sure that you understand the purpose of the rally and why we need to support our public-school teachers and our families.
Hoosier teachers are calling for lawmakers to take three actions: 1) allocate part of the state’s more than $2 billion surplus to schools, 2) pass a hold-harmless provision to protect schools from any negative consequences related to low 2019 ILEARN scores, and 3) repeal new license renewal steps requiring teachers do 15 hours of professional development related to their community’s workforce needs. Key legislators have informed the Department of Education that they will pass hold-harmless legislation due to the drop in ILEARN when the 2020 general assembly session begins.
It is important that we support our teachers by sending a delegation from both North and South to the rally. Crawfordsville teachers will also be representing Montgomery County since they had to close on November 19 due to lack of availability of sub coverage and will make up the day on January 20. We appreciate all Indiana teachers who have chosen to participate. Our teachers deserve to have a voice. If you would like to voice your support for our public school teachers, please let our local legislative representatives know!
Rep. Dr. Tim Brown, District 41, 800-382-9841, H41@iga.in.gov
Senator Phil Boots, District 23, 800-382-9467, Senator.Boots@iga.in.gov
Rep. Sharon Negele District 13, 800-382-9841, H13@iga.in.gov
Our two rural districts have also chosen to support our families by remaining in session November 19. It is important for us to adhere to the calendar previously published so as not to pose any inconveniences for our families. We understand that cancellations due to inclement weather and even scheduled calendar breaks already put our families in a position to make alternative plans. We also know it is important for our students to continue their learning in a safe environment.
It is important for us to consider all staff who are affected by a closure. Our classified, hourly employees (bus drivers, aids, food service) are dependent on the hourly wages they earn. If we are not in session, they do not get paid. The day would be made up on January 20, if we do not need to use it before that time for a snow make up day. We will always try to use eLearning, but it is helpful for our rural districts most affected by weather to have these days built into the schedule. Closing for the rally would result in hourly employees having one less day of pay at South and two less days of pay at North (11/14 and 11/19) heading into the holiday season.
We support Hoosier teachers having a voice at the rally, our support staff, and our families. We have wonderful students, families and faculty, and we work very hard to meet everyone’s needs. We, in turn, appreciate your support as we move forward.
Dr. Colleen Moran, North Montgomery, Dr. Shawn Greiner, Southmont Schools, Hillary Jeffery, NMTA, Mr. Curtis McVay, SMCEA, Jamie Sankey, NMTA, Mrs. Sandy Minick, SMCEA