Sen. Boots
Sen. Boots
During this unprecedented time in our nation and our community’s history, a great many aspects of daily life have changed – some in ways that could be catastrophic to small and local businesses.
A week ago, The Paper announced it would not cut off any print subscriptions while the stay-at-home order was in effect. And today, the company is announcing an even bigger step – the creation of the Sagamore News Media Advertising Stimulus Program.
“We wanted to do something more to help businesses in our community – some of who are our customers and some who are not,” Sen. Phil Boots, one of the owners of The Paper and president of the board of directors said. “This is not the time to worry about anything other than helping those in need.”
So beginning today The Paper is offering absolutely free advertising to any business in the community that needs it. There are no strings attached, no hidden costs. It’s a free program.
Any business that would like to take advantage simply has to go to The Paper’s web site and fill out an application. When approved, a representative from The Paper will be in touch to get the ads set up and begin being published. Those in the program can expect to see their ads in the daily edition of The Paper at least twice a week – and possibly more.
“It depends on how many businesses take advantage,” Paper publisher Tim Timmons said. “We will get their message in as much as possible.”
Timmons reiterated that there is no cost to the program. He said that applications were being accepted through the end of the month and that ads will continue for as long as the stay-at-home order does.
If a business wants to apply, all they have to do is go to and click on Sagamore News Media’s Advertising Stimulus Program, fill out the form and wait to hear back. An answer should be forthcoming within days and then a representative from The Paper will work with the business on pre-set ad templates – or the business can supply their own camera-ready ad.
If any business would like to partner with The Paper in sponsoring this program and helping the local business community out, please contact Timmons at 361-0100, ext. 4.