Right in the heart of Crawfordsville lies a gem of a garden belonging to Larry and Sue Patton. The Pattons recently revamped their yard pulling out old overgrown shrubs and adding new plantings of hosta, lemongrass, columbine, and a variety of colorful blooming annuals! Sue likes to use the lemongrass near the front porch and in pots in outdoor living spaces to inhibit mosquitoes. Larry and Sue have lived in the home for 40 years which was originally built in 1886. Larry, retired from the Fire Department, does most of the labor, and Sue is the designer who has a great eye for combining plants in containers, hanging baskets, and window boxes. Larry attributes their weed free oases to a thick cover of mulch in the beds, regular maintenance, and fertilizing every few weeks. This keeps the many impatiens, geraniums, and bridal veil in bloom! There is nary a weed to be found in the Patton garden! Don’t miss the working pulley pots near the garage! To see the true charm, drive by 503 E Franklin Street and see this Garden of the Month for July sponsored by Flower Lovers Garden Club. Look for Flower Lovers Club sign.