While the races for Montgomery County Council and Montgomery County Commissioner took top billing Tuesday, a handful of other races were tightly contested.
The most tightly contested came for three At Large positions on the Crawfordsville School Board. Kathleen Brown took the most votes with 2,176, followed by Ellen Ball with 2,173 and Kent Minnette with 2,099. Fourth and losing by just 28 votes was Jeff Bannon with 2,071 votes. Brown, Ball and Minnette will fill the spots on the board.
In the race for three spots on the Franklin Township Board, Independent Stacie Brooke, Libertarian Dean Hartley and Democrat John Wells won positions while Libertarian Tom Knueven was left out. Brooke led the way with 31.27 percent (333 votes), followed by Hartley’s 24.32 percent (259 votes) and Wells’ 23.19 percent (247 votes). Knueven wasn’t far off at 21.22 percent (226 votes).
Republican Sally Evans Molin easily dispatched Democrat challenger Howard Pollchik for Union Township Trustee, 5,611 votes to 2,116 votes, roughly a 73 percent to 27 percent margin.
Republicans Stacey Guard, Alan Plunkett and Dennis Holbein took the three spots up for the Union Township Board. Libertarian Adam Hutchison was fourth on the ballot with 12.93 percent (2,092 votes). Guard had the most votes at 4,955 (30.62 percent), ahead of Plunkett’s 4,920 votes (30.40 percent) and Hohlbein’s 4,217 votes (26.06 percent).
In Walnut Township, Republican Michelle Kinkead, Republican Gary Needham and Independent Will Crook took the three spots, leaving Republican Dennis Wills and Democrat Amy Parker out. Kinkead’s 311 votes accounted for 26.93 percent to pace the field. Needham had 258 votes (22.34 percent) and Crook finished with 206 votes (17.84 percent). Wills narrowly missed election with 197 votes (17.06 percent).
Democrat Kathy Ryker won the Wayne Township Trustee spot over Libertarian Frank Stewart, 259 votes to 173 votes. That’s roughly a 60/40 margin.
Below are victors of unopposed races:
Position, Official, Vote Total
Prosecuting Attorney, Joseph R. Buser (REP), 10,420
County Auditor, Jennifer Andel (REP), 10,344
County Treasurer, Heather Laffoon (REP), 10,333
County Sheriff, Ryan Needham (REP), 10,604
County Assessor, Sherri L. Bentley (REP), 10,359
County Council Member District 1, Tom Mellish (REP), 2,516
County Council Member District 2, Don “Bud” Mills (REP), 2,985
County Council Member District 4, Mark A. Davidson (REP), 2,041
Brown Township Trustee, Kylene Simpson (REP), 478
Brown Township Board Member, Richard Graham (REP) 320, Jack Reynolds (REP) 347, Paul Surface (REP) 373
Clark Township Trustee, Madonna Light (REP), 488
Clarks Township Board Member, Larry Burnett (REP) 382, Layton E. Malone (REP) 266, David Orwig (REP) 304
Coal Creek Township Trustee, Roger Kunkel (REP), 448
Coal Creek Township Board Member, Barbara Clark (REP) 315, Mark Kelp (REP) 346, Kevin McCord (REP) 353
Franklin Township Trustee, Kay Anderson (REP), 615
Madison Township Trustee, Greg Fuller (REP), 351
Madison Township Board Member, Gary Blankenship (REP) 302, William Fugate (REP) 233, Rob King (REP) 237
Ripley Township Trustee, Jamie Selby (REP), 284
Sugar Creek Township Trustee, Peggy Whitacre (REP), 151
Sugar Creek Township Board Member, Charles Anderson (REP), 135
Walnut Township Trustee, Tammy Williams (REP), 429
Wayne Township Board Member, Doug Harris (REP), 389
North Montgomery School Board Member Coal Creek, Michael Shepherd (NP), 2,818
North Montgomery School Board Member Franklin, Jarrod Zachary (NP), 2,880
North Montgomery School Board Member Sugar Creek, Gary Bohlander (NP), 2,897
North Montgomery School Board Member Wayne, Terresa Hatke (NP), 3,045
South Montgomery School Board Member Brown, George Spencer (NP), 2,523
South Montgomery School Board Member Clark, Bradley Monts (NP), 2,577
South Montgomery School Board Member Walnut, Jerry Kinkead (NP), 2,487
South Montgomery School Board Member At Large, Eric Mason (NP), 2,616