The $137.74 check the City of Crawfordsville wrote to Polyglot Press has not been deposited, Crawfordsville Clerk-Treasurer Terri Gadd said.

Gadd said that as of Tuesday afternoon, the check has not cleared the bank. She said that it will remain outstanding.

"There is no need to stop payment," she said. "It was a legitimate claim."

The claim in question was approved at the June 12 Park Board meeting, board member Dale Petrie said.

"It was a legitimate claim," he said. "It was from an old order than had just come in."

Petrie said that the board discussed the claim before approving it along with the other claims presented.

"The comment was made that it was strange that we were paying them when they owed (the city) money," Petrie said.

The city loaned Polyglot $300,000 of Urban Development Action Grant money. Polyglot was to be the anchor tenant in the city's commerce park. With Polyglot, the city had hoped to get a Certified Technology Park designation from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. City attorney Dave Peebles said that with the designation, there was $9 million in potential grants and recovery of local tax dollars.

Board Vice President Joe Boswell said the board did not approve the claim without first discussing it.

"We questioned it, about doing business with (Polyglot)," Boswell said.

He said that in the end the books were already purchased.

"The cat was already out of the bag," Boswell said. "We did question the claim. It was already past us."

Petrie said that while the board felt the claim was legitimate, if another invoice from Polyglot came in, they would probably take a different course of action.

"Since it is Polyglot, I guess we would pull it out," he said. "Maybe they would contact us and ask why it had not been paid. That could start a dialogue."

Petrie said the board unanimously approved the claims. He said that Board Secretary Amy Gillan was not present. Attempts to reach board members Darin Hutson, Rob Hudson, Bill Richardson and Pat Stull, as well as Park and Recreation Department Director Roger Neal were unsuccessful Tuesday.

While the invoice has an address for Polyglot Press in Philadelphia, Pa., Peebles said the address is a dead end. He said the city is still looking for Polyglot Press President David Scott.

"David Scott has been evicted from two apartments in a row in Philadelphia, owing those landlords several thousands of dollars in back rent," Peebles said.

Peebles said that he is staying in contact with Scott's previous landlords in hopes of finding a lead. Polyglot's Web site,, lists the company's address as 111 Caenarvon Lane, Haverford, Pa., an address that is different than the one listed on the invoice sent to the city.

Crawfordsville Mayor Charlie Coons said the city will continue to look for justice.

"Any little mistake the guy makes, maybe we could get him," Coons said. "We are not letting up."

Attempts Tuesday afternoon to reach anyone with Polyglot Press were unsuccessful.