The Sugar Creek Quilt Guild is delighted to announce the opening of a new quilt show based on a challenge. The “House” quilt show will be held at the Crawfordsville Carnegie Museum from Wednesday through Sept. 20.
A reception open to the public will be held Saturday, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Members were challenged to use their creativity to design a unique quilt based on the word “house.” A total of 17 quilts will be on display. Some of the titles are: Gnome Home, Whimsical Neighborhood, Animal House, Whitefish Bay Lighthouse, The House Family, Chicken Roost, Little Crooked Houses and House of Correction.
About every other year a committee issues a challenge for members to do a challenge. In the past, quilters have designed quilts based on such topics as Jailhouse Blues, Board Games, Remembering Mama or using a fabric in common. One particular year each participant had to use a yellow fabric that had a snake print on it. One refused to do it because she hated snakes. Another year each person had to choose page 34 out of any magazine and design a quilt inspired by something on that page. Challenge shows highlight the creativity and well as craftsmanship of the quilters.
The Sugar Creek Quilt Guild has been in existence for about 34 years. It was started by a small group of people who loved to sew and quilt and has grown to more than 60 members. The meetings are open to anyone who loves to quilt regardless of skill level. New members are always encouraged.
Meetings take place at the Crawfordsville Public Library the third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Excellent speakers from all over the state are invited to show new techniques and products to members. The meetings also inform members about upcoming workshops, visits to quilt shows and opportunities to attend classes and quilt retreats. Some members make Quilts of Valor which are given to Walter Reed Hospital to comfort soldiers recovering from injury. Other quilts are made for a variety of charities. On the first Saturday in November the quilt guild holds a Quilt Bazaar at the Crawfordsville Library where members sell their quilts and sewing projects. If you have an interest in sewing or quilting the Sugar Creek Quilt Guild might be a group where you can make new friends and learn new skills.