Reader asks about school zones in C’ville
Dear MAC,
I understand state law says there must be beginning and ending school zone signs. It doesn’t appear that there are ending signs in Crawfordsville. Why?
Unsure, Crawfordsville

Dear Unsure,
Thanks for the question. MAC (the Montgomery Answer Connection) took it to Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton and here’s what he had to say:
“It does appear that several of our school zones are not marked in accordance with state statute. In researching our current school zone ordinances I have discovered they date back to 1984 and have not kept up with changes to state statute or the configuration of our schools.
I plan a thorough review of all school zones in early 2019 and plan to take recommended changes to the city council for consideration. It is important that we re-evaluate the current zones and ensure they are still relevant as much has changed with traffic flow and how children travel to and from school since 1984.
I appreciate this being brought to our attention and will see that it is addressed soon.”
Kudos, Unsure. Looks like you did a good deed by bringing this topic up and kudos to the city for resolving to address it!