Dear Editor,

I love America and I love Montgomery County. From my dining room I can see the cement plant and hear the hum of voices and machinery. Big trucks are constantly going in and out. I can see two billboards, each is two billboards high. I can see neighbors enjoying two swimming pools.  I can see across the cornfield to the railroad and hear the trains day and night. I can hear a neighbor behind me, who works full time in Lafayette, working on mowers and such in his own small business. I can stand on my front porch and see the Valero Plant and the Cargill business. Back the other way, I can hear the sounds of  my neighbors enjoying their firearms, at the Linden Conservation Club. Sometimes, I can see as many as three farmers out working on their properties. Down past the cement plant, I can see signage that says that that farmer has at least three small businesses.

Mr. Timmons says in his column,"Properly handled, zoning is no more than good neighbors." Taking this as truth and assuming that I do not desire improper zoning, why would I need zoning. I have great neighbors and I had to give up no rights or no treasure to get them.

I do not subscribe to Mr. Timmons absolute statement that, "No zoning means that anyone can do whatever they want, no matter what." Who can put a billboard between the lanes of U.S. 231? Who can put a sign in my front yard without my permission? Who can tell me I can not have American flags in my yard? Who can tell me I can not have a deck or two? Who can tell me when I can have lights on?

  My position is that I wish to continuing to enjoy my neighbors as I have been doing for years. Their way of doing things allows me to do the things I do.  If a problem comes up that we can not handle together then we will contact our elected representatives and ask for assistance. That is why we elected them. I have yet to see a sign in Montgomery county that demands, 'Zoning Now.'

Mike Webster