A flat bed trailer with decorative rocks that was parked at the corner of Pike and Washington Streets caused a bit of a stir with local merchants and the city this week.

Country Rocks & More set up a trailer and by Monday afternoon downtown merchants wanted to know if it was legal and why it was there. The company spread the rocks out into formations, as pictured, on Wednesday afternoon.

"It is not legal for it to be there," said Brandy Allen on Wednesday before the rocks were redistributed. Allen is the Plan Director for the City of Crawfordsville. "We are drafting a letter now. We're in the process after receiving a complaint."

Attempts to contact Country Rocks & More through the number offered on their sign resulted in reaching an automated system that did not record messages.

So what if the company wants to legally set up shop there?

"It would require approval through the board of zoning appeals," explained Allen.

For now it remains unclear what the plan is for the company.