If you live in Montgomery County you've more than likely heard of this week’s special guest, Marc Robinson aka “Farmer Marc.”
Robinson can be caught on any given day out and about entertaining folks with his best buddies, his very well-trained dogs. The Paper caught up with Robinson as he regaled an audience of onlookers with what is quite a performance, as if something you'd see in a circus act or on a television talent show. However, Robinson's dogs are much more than just a stellar dog act. These dogs are highly trained service dogs.
Robinson is the owner of Rooster's Revenge, LLC. He trains dogs to help people with disabilities build a better life by assisting with daily challenges and alerting someone if there is a medical problem. Robinson's dogs must pass very rigorous testing and strict guidelines by the federal Americans Disabilities Act (ADA). Virtually all state laws including Indiana, state that a service animal is an animal that has been trained to perform work tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability.
Robinson explained how he began this adventure. “It was a God inspired mission.”
Robinson explained his relationship with God and shared his spiritual testimony and how he hopes that through his testimony and helping others he can bring people closer to God. After a lot of prayer, Robinson started Roosters Revenge, a dog training service.
Of course I had to ask, “Why 'Roosters Revenge' for a dog training company?”
Robinson chuckled and said the name of his company came from a comment his wife, Paula, had often made. He said on their farm, the dogs had gotten into the roosters cages more than once and gave the poor birds a good scare. Paula would tease saying, “One of these days, those roosters will get their revenge”. He joked that the roosters probably get a kick out of watching the dogs now have to work, so they called the new business “Roosters Revenge”. Although, there is no question the dogs are more than happy to be working.
Robinson primarily raises, but is not limited to, Australian Shepard's. He has a vision to provide service dogs to those who cannot afford the extremely high cost of a trained and registered service dog, beginning with folks right here in Montgomery County! Robinson has trained and given away two registered service dogs to qualifying individuals. Completely Free of Charge! These dogs on average run between fifteen to thirty thousand dollars and are most usually not covered by an insurance plan. Along with necessary medical equipment and medications, these dogs can be an invaluable resource. They can offer comfort and companionship and can quite literally save lives by using their distinct ability to detect things that may not be obvious or detectable to a human being. Along with many medical issues the dogs can sense things such as a seizure beginning or a pace maker issue and warn their human of trouble or alert someone that their human needs immediate help.
Roosters Revenge mission statement says it best,
“To serve the individual, local community, state/region, nation and globe, thus thereby serving God.
To provide as service to that greater community the most exceptional quality companion/therapeutic/service dogs as possible and placing those service animals at no charge to those within that community who are most in need. This commitment to serve will be achieved through, faith, desire, dedication, education,competition,and compassion. We account to continue this mission as long as the need exists in that community.”
Check our Roosters Revenge on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/1farmermarc/ . Robinson will also be launching his new website on Sept. 21. Follow Farmer Marc's journey as he teaches and trains dogs adding a God inspired lesson as he goes. With Farmer Marc's fun, high-energy spirit and signature laugh, he brings a smile to all those around him. Robinson also uses the skills he's acquired through his years of experience to help folks learn for themselves how to handle and train their own furry buddies.