Christmas came early for 12 children in Montgomery County Saturday.

Saturday 12 lucky Montgomery County youth - four from each school district - spent the day shopping with members of the Fraternal Order of Police for the Cops and Kids program. Twelve officers and nine wives volunteered their time to go shopping.

Crawfordsville Ptlm. Russ Keller said this is the third year the police union shopped with local children. Keller helped coordinate the event for the union.

"It's our way of letting the children see us in a different light," Keller said.

He said they receive their list of children from the REINdear program.

After shopping at Wal-Mart, the union took the children to lunch at Cracker Barrel. After lunch the group returned to the Crawfordsville Police Department to wrap the presents.

"It's something we do to give back to the community," FOP President Hal Utterback said.