Left: Conner Koopman as Lord Farquaad and Jackson Forgye as Pinocchio
Left: Conner Koopman as Lord Farquaad and Jackson Forgye as Pinocchio
Northridge Middle School Theater Troupe presents “Shrek The Musical” tonight and tomorrow at 7 p.m. at the NMHS Auditorium.
Shrek the Musical is the story of a hulking green ogre who, after being mocked and feared for his uniqueness his entire life, retreats to an ugly green swamp so he can exist in happy isolation. That is, until he meets a hysterical group of characters who are sure to soften his ogre heart. Shrek the Musical sends a clear message to its audience of not letting happiness pass you by with its cheeky blend of theatrical magic and whimsical fun!
This year's production is directed by Megan Birk, Daniel Martin and Mike Melvin.
The Paper stopped by while the Theater Troupe was putting together the final touches for what is sure to be an entertainment extravaganza; a night of fun and laughter for the whole family!
The set has a mythical once-upon-a-time feel. Director Birk tells us there are more than 90 kids on stage. The actors are students from grades 6-8. The crew of high school and middle school students brings the count to more than 100 kids participating.
“I think it's cool we do have 90 kids (on stage),” Birk said. “It's like a third of our school alone.” She laughed, adding, “to manage 90 kids is a feat in itself.”
Along with the spectacular set, there were no stops pulled when it came to wardrobe either. For example, Pinocchio's nose actually grows.
“This is by far the most extravagant wardrobe we've used” Birk said. She explained how they pulled costumes from wherever they could using pieces from past shows, parents helping and even renting some costumes.
Birk also took a moment to share the importance of the theater and arts programs and how they are beneficial to the students.
“From a personal stand point, when I was doing shows in high school and stuff . . . those are my fondest memories.”
She explained how the kids learn everything from fast thinking and improvisation, to project management and the importance of teamwork.
Melvin, the assistant director, NMCSC auditorium supervisor and NMHS theater troupe sponsor, said, “We would like to give a huge thank you to our sponsors: Cracker Barrel and Fountain Trust. Also, thank you to all our cast and crew members’ families, especially the Hughes and Yeager families.”
Ticket sales are available at the door. The cost is $8 for adults and $5 for students.

Shrek Jacob Hughes
Fiona Brooklyn Kerns
Donkey Sophie Morris
Lord Farquaad Connor Koopman
Ogre Fiona Annabel Cain
Dragon Skyley Cloncs and Melanie Quigg
Pinocchio Jackson Furgye
Gingy Bella Dockins
Mama Ogre Kennedy Isbell
Papa Ogre/Magic Mirror Cale Anderson
Captain Gavin Martin-Fultz
Young Fiona Kylie Sankey
Teen Fiona/Pied Piper Kayla Sankey
Storytellers Miranda Crowe and Sydney Neideffer
Dwarf Brenden Laws
Bishop Chase Welshimer
Other Fairy Tale Creatures:
Puss in Boots Ian Harshbarger
Peter Pan Neal Jeffery
Mama Bear Bailey Patton
Baby Bear Cole Yeager
Papa Bear Kelby Harwood
Big Bad Wolf Cambria Hall
Ugly Duckling Reagan Little
Flora Natalie Walker
Fauna Jenna Conlgeton
Meriweather Ashlyn Lee
Wicked Witch Ginny Huff
3 Blind Mice Avery Gayler, Blair Nichols, Lauren Morrison
3 Little Pigs Ayden Braun, Ariannah Norman, Macee Norman
Little Bo Peep Eva Spencer
Little Red Riding Hood Annabel Anderson
Goldilocks Dericka Jeffers
Hansel Brenden Laws
Gretel Gabby Jara
Humpty Dumpty Ashley Moseley
Chicken Little Shayna Ratcliff
Tweedle Dee Alex Wray
Tweedle Dum Emma Wray
Gnomes Logan Bailey, Grace Brewer, Gracie Moseley
Poppy Ella Smith
Mad Hatter Sienna Coleman
Baker Emma Fidler
Cat in the Hat Lillyanne Hopkins
Cheshire Cat Grace Hughes
Elf Kamilah Large
Pinocchio’s Girlfriend Dusty Robinson
Mermaid Alexis Wolfe
Unicorn Ella Fritzen
Skeletons/Rats: Lacey Conover, Brylee Cowan, Makenna Hutson, Jazmen McGrew, Erica Newkirk, Allie Rutan, Kylie Sankey, Anabelle Verduin
Swamp People/Make A Move Singers-Dancers/Morning Person/Duloc:
Lilly Bryant, Michelle Hoffman, Zoey Jones, Emma Leonhardt, Rosie Stacey, Taelyn Stephens, Emma Williamson, Katelyn Woolwine
Kinghts/Guards: Keaton Brown, Alex Chapman, Hudson Claypool, Dane Elliott, Tyler Goodin, Brody Gunderman, Jaden Hart, Eli Moseley, Tanner Stultz, Jack Warren, Blake Welch, Chase Welshimer
Duloc/Morning Person People: Meadow Douglas, Madison Evans, Taylor Hankins, Tayler Hembree, Lucy Hess, Ashlynn Koons, Savannah McLain, Trinity Mitchell, Audrey Morris, Jayla Myers, Nicole Rhude
Dancing Knights: Keaton Brown, Alex Chapman, Dane Elliott, Jaden Hart, Eli Moseley, Tanner Stultz, Jack Warren, Blake Welch
Castle Guards: Hudson Claypool and Brody Gunderman