Halloween doesn’t have to end early – make a date to have dinner with the Addams Family!

Photo courtesy Southmont Junior High School
Halloween doesn’t have to end early – make a date to have dinner with the Addams Family! Photo courtesy Southmont Junior High School
They’re kooky and they’re spooky . . . and they’re coming to Southmont!
America’s favorite weird and wacky family will be haunting the stage in Southmont Junior High School’s upcoming musical production of The Addams Family (young@part). Opening this weekend, The Addams Family is a fun-for-all ages way to keep your Halloween delight rolling.
In a mysterious mansion somewhere in Central Park, Morticia (Alivia Williams) and Gomez (Wyatt Woodall) Addams are shocked to find that their teenage daughter, Wednesday (Stella Snook), has fallen in love with a completely normal boy named Lucas Beineke (Marlin Williams). When Lucas arrives for dinner with his straight-laced parents, Alice (Jessie Bradley) and Mal (Emma Phillips), the Beineke family receives a shock of their own! The Addams have a zombie named Lurch (Kasey Line) for a butler, a walking carpet of a cousin named IT (Jordan Endicott), and a potion toting Grandma (Kelsey Thomspon), who strongly resembles a witch. While the dark and delightful Addams world collides with that of the respectable Beinekes, comedic chaos ensues.
However, appearances can be deceiving, and the two families may have more in common than they realize.
“What first seems normal, has its abnormal side too,” said Jessie Bradley about playing Alice. “I have really enjoyed getting to explore such different sides of the same character.”
Marlin Williams echoed that same sentiment, regarding his turn as Lucas. “He may look ordinary, but he is still strange in his own way. He’d have to be a little weird, to fall in love with someone like Wednesday.”
Fearing that she’ll no longer have time to torture him, Wednesday’s younger brother Pugsley (Tovi Powell), plots to keep his sister and young Lucas apart. Meanwhile, the bizarre and bald Uncle Fester (Waylon Gomez), has enlisted the help of the dearly departed Addams Family ancestors (Abby Sayler, Ally Wallace, Avery Hannum, Avery Stokes, Bracy Slavens, Calinn Murphy, Caydence Chandler, Chloe Jenkins, Clair Simpson, Dawson Mason, Delorean Mason, Emily Smith, Emma Myers, Jesse Smith, Josh Fuller, Kylee Reeves, Naomi Plunkett, Shakhia Burks and Zoe Albertson), in a bid to help the youngsters find their way.
Add to that a cemetery full of ghosts (Hilary Haltom, Carolena Yanez, Rylee Freeland, Christina Fuller, Camden Hale, Madison Harlan, Hailey Long, Mariah Sanabriah, Krystle Sanabriah, Sophia Shannon, Ziza Sexton and Grace Thornburgh) haunting both the cast and the audience, and it’s anybody’s guess as to what will happen next! Will love triumph, or will you all leave the theater feeling vaguely depressed?
With performances running Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m., you’ll have three chances to join in the happy, howling fun! Featuring 48 of Southmont’s most talented cast and crew (Evelyn Zachary, Tori Feltner, Savion Lillard, Noah Myers, Kolie Murphy and Kaitlyn Roark), The Addams Family is a creepy fun fest, full of spine-tingling songs, and bone-rattling dances. Tickets are $8 for adults and $5 for students and may be reserved by phoning Southmont Junior High at (765) 866-2023. Tickets may also be purchased at the door beginning 45 minutes before each performance.
The Addams Family is artistically directed by Amy Woodall and musically directed by Teresa Ross. The show is choreographed by Lisa Kochert Warren, and produced by Nicole Thompson and Angie Williams. The Addams Family is sponsored by C & F Fabricating.