Mayor Todd Barton announced that the city has met with state representatives as part of their commitment to the Indiana Stellar Communities Program. Quarterly progress meetings with representatives from the program’s partners are required and include OCRA (Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs), IHCDA (Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority), and INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation) are designed to provide a status report on the progress of a community Stellar projects.
The Indiana Stellar Communities program provides necessary resources and funding to rural communities who have a long-term transformative vision and build a comprehensive development strategy that can demonstrate a visible impact to its citizens and surrounding region, an ability to attract future economic investment, the ability to leverage existing community assets, and show local support for the Stellar Communities initiative. The process to apply for the designation is a long and arduous one and highly competitive with only two communities selected each year. Crawfordsville along with the town of North Liberty were the two designees in 2015.
Crawfordsville’s six Stellar projects are:
• Fusion 54
• Trailhead Park
• Pike Place Pocket Park
• Big Four Trail
• Historic Whitlock Neighborhood Owner Occupied Rehabilitation
• Downtown Trail
“Because these plans are so comprehensive and require such a large investment, it can be difficult for some designees to see all projects to fruition,” said Mayor Todd Barton. “But I’m happy to report our update to the State team showed all projects are on schedule and in some cases, ahead of the originally proposed schedule.
“While I am well aware the downtown renovation at times can be an inconvenience, long-term we are transforming our community to make it a destination to live, work, play, and learn. Our goal is that Crawfordsville becomes top of mind as a great location for businesses, young professionals, and those folks looking for a safe and friendly environment to raise a family.”
More information on Crawfordsville’s Stellar projects can be found on the cities website at To learn more about the Indiana Stellar Communities Program, please visit