Streets were front and center at Wednesday's meeting of the Crawfordsville Board of Public Works and Safety.

Board members Erin Corbin, Mayor Todd Barton and Susan Albrecht approved 3-0 the request to immediately close Elm Street from Chestnut Street to Scott Street. The request from Street Commissioner Scott Hesler is for the purpose of allowing street crews to install new curbs and sidewalks. The end date was not set and the street might be closed through the summer.

Hesler spoke about pot holes, informing the board street department workers are "working every available angle and at best we're treading water."

He has obtained 25 tons of hot mix patching material and pot holes are being filled by city employees who work through their lunch hours and overtime.

"We're going to keep going at it as fast as we can," Hesler said.

If pot holes aren't enough, there are at least 30 places in Crawfordsville where mud is pushing up through the pavement. Those places need to be dug out and stone put in immediately, When weather allows, those areas will be paved, he said.

During a public hearing, David Lahey, executive vice president of Butler, Fairman and Seufert, civil engineers, presented plans for an amended long term control plan and its impact on the city's combined sewer system.

No action was taken Wednesday, but Lahey said the Indiana Department of Environmental Management approved changes to the city's existing plan. The new plan, that will separate the city's combined sanitary sewer and storm sewer, will cost about $2 million and must be completed in five years from last December when IDEM approved the plan.

Lahey said there is much work to be done before construction begins in March 2018.

The city considered several options, all more expensive than that plan chosen, Barton said.

"Communities all over the state are facing this," Barton said.

Scott Schutte of Astbury Water Tech, the company that operates the waste water treatment plant for the city, said that when the plan is implemented, the surges that now cause problems will be controlled.

Flooding is a problem at the waste water treatment plant during heavy rains due to the combined sewers.

In other action, the board approved the asset purchase agreement between the city and Metronet to purchase the assets of Accelplus.

The next board meeting is scheduled at 10 a.m., Wednesday, in the City Building.