Emma Balaz (left) and Sydney Spencer are working to spread positivity among local youngsters.
Emma Balaz (left) and Sydney Spencer are working to spread positivity among local youngsters.
Sydney Spencer and Emma Balaz were welcomed as honored guests at the American Legion Byron Cox Post 72 dinner on Sunday evening. Spencer and Balaz were being recognized for initiating the inspirational project, "The Positivity Project." It is a project meant to give encouragement and confidence to other young people who are bullied, struggling or going through tough times. The young ladies hope to add inspirational messages to every bathroom stall in every school as a reminder to anyone who needs it that there are people who care for them.
Sydney Spencer founded the project after her own experience with being bullied and close friend Emma Balaz was eager to jump in and help in any way she could. The young Crawfordsville High School students set their plan into action and have made a large impact in a short time with their positive messages. This project encourages students to bring on change, helping other students by spreading kind words.
Spencer and Balaz hope to show that kind and caring words can change someone’s day for the better and they plan to spread that message in a positive way!
"We just want to remind other students who may be having a hard time or a bad day, that they are not alone . . . someone cares," said Balaz.
Founder, Sydney Spencer recently posted, "We are actively working to get lower bullying rates and lower the suicide rate! As a ground of teenagers affected by both bullying and suicide we know something has to change! We are wanting to place positive images and quotes with vinyl wall decals on school bathroom stall doors in as many schools as possible! We need your help! We are in the fund raising stage and any at all will help us."
Spencer tells us that she has been a victim of bullying and would never want anyone to have to feel the way she has felt.
If you would like to help, The Positivity Project has a 'go fund me' Facebook page where donations can be made, or donations can be made directly to Crawfordsville High School C/O Positivity Project. Also, check out their Facebook page @CHS’ The Positivity Project .