Sugar Creek has seen erosion levels that have left several homes on the banks of the creek at risk for total loss.
Christopher B. Burke Engineering of Indianapolis gave a report Wednesday night in a meeting at Fusion 54. Burke, in conjunction with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, looked at Sugar Creek and homes in Crawfordsville that could be at risk from erosion.
The full report on that study is expected to be released today on the city’s website, according to Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton. He also discussed why the DNR was involved. “We’ve struggled with this issue in our community for some time . . . DNR wanted to come in and find out what was happening so they funded this study to tell us what’s happening and why it’s happening.”
Now that the report is in, Barton said, “The next steps are DNR has leads on solutions that they’re going to look into and they’ll get back to us soon with we might do.”
Barton also said many were happy to hear work had begun on finding a solution. “There are obviously a lot of questions being asked but everyone I spoke to after the meeting is happy that those questions are being discussed,” Barton said.
Christopher B. Burke Engineering, according to their website, “specializes in the planning, design and construction management of municipal and private infrastructure projects including stormwater, flood control, wastewater, environmental management, transportation and recreation.”