Once again the generosity of the residents of Montgomery County is continuing to show as the latest batch of donations for the Crawfordsville Sunshine Cheer Certificate program brought in nearly $3,700.

In the past week more than $4,400 has been donated by the residents of Montgomery County. That brings the total of money collected so far this year to $5,309.65. That money will be used to send out Cheer Certificates.

Cheer certificates are sent to residents who have been referred through a variety of sources. They are certificates which can be used at the two area Kroger stores, County Market and Crawford's Food Store.

The number of certificates issued is dependant on the amount of donations collected from area residents. Every donation makes a difference and residents are encouraged to help those who are facing tough times by donating.

Donations can be sent to the Sunshine Society at P.O. Box 243, Crawfordsville, Indiana 47933. A donation form can also be found on page A5 of today's edition of The Paper.

Last year the Cheer certificate program helped out 324 households - which included 1,081 individuals. The Sunshine Society would like to help at least that many people again this year.

Here is a list of the latest donations; Anonymous $610 in memory of Joseph and Cynthia Smith; Anonymous $150 in memory of Paul and Beulah, Brenda Sue, Eudena, Donald, Paul II Houston; Art and Jeanie Buck $20 in memory of loved ones; John and Jan Austin $50 in memory of our parents Harry and Margaret Voliva and John and Dotie Austin; Mike & Gerry Hargrove $50 in memory of our son Jay, parents, and loved ones; Donna Barnett $40; Former Sunshine Girl $25; Maxine, Tom, Heather and family, Patti and Jim $75 in memory of Paul Perkins;

Family $500 in memory of Harold, Russell, Lulu, Kay Miles, Clyde Himes, Lloyd Vaught; Tony and Janet Johnson and family $75 in memory of Phyllis Dunlap; Smartsburg Ladies Aid $50; Christian Friends $25; Jon and Anne Dantzig $200 in memory of our mothers, Mrs. Mildred Dantzig and Mrs. Katharine Tifford; B & E Lawton $20 in memory of Mildred Lawton, Tom Day, Harry Lawton, Anna Day; Anonymous $25; Don and Shirley Rendfeld $25 in memory of Jill our daughter; Anonymous $25 in memory of loved ones; Theron and Claudine McClure $25 in memory of loved ones; Ruby Vail $25 in loving memory of my husband Jim and other loved ones; Richard McClaine and family $25 in memory of Shirley McClaine; Don and Janet Armbruster $30; Donna Kahle $20 in memory of loved ones; Anonymous $35; Anonymous $25 in memory of loved ones; Tim and Deb Jeffries and family $25 in memory of our loved ones; Anonymous $10; Anonymous $50 in memory of our parents and granddaughter; Anonymous $25; Anonymous $50; Anonymous $500; James Dickerson $10 in memory of Frank and Hiltred Dickerson; James Dickerson $10 in memory of Marge Dickerson; A. L. Alward $50 in memory of Patrick Alward.