Tipmont REMC will host a Community Day and Solar Open House on Friday at its main office in Linden to promote its new solar array for Montgomery County residents and encourage them to participate in solar energy and receive benefits.

A news conference will begin at 10 a.m., with members of the Crawfordsville Chamber of Commerce conducting a formal ribbon cutting to follow. Both Tipmont members and the public are invited.

"We'd heard from several members in past years that they were interested in solar energy," said communications coordinator and project manager Sasha Clements. "They have several roadblocks such as too much shade and so we are responding to those requests. We built these for our members. Our members are supporting the costs, and they receive benefits. It's less expensive and more convenient."

The celebration will coincide with Electric Co-op Community Day, which is celebrated Oct. 10.

"Co-ops are special because they're owned by and associated with our community," Clements said.

"Community solar is a new thing, especially in Indiana," said energy management supervisor Jason Monroe. "We want to educate our members with what community solar is. That's why we're trying in community solar with community day."

Tipmont members can buy a portion of the solar energy by signing a 25-year lease agreement and will then have the ability to lease the output from one of 240 panels available.

At first, solar users will receive an estimated average of $5 credit on their bills, but the credit will increase as utility rates also climb.

For more information about Tipmont solar energy, email Sasha Clements at sclements@tipmont.org or call 800-726-3953, ext. 816.