If the railroad/truck transfer facility is built north of Crawfordsville, the cost to taxpayers could top $2 million, according to information shared with the Montgomery County Commissioners by Parsons, Cunningham and Shartle Engineers on Monday.

The facility would off load different materials, including contaminated soil, on to trucks for delivery to landfills, a company spokesman told the City at a recent meeting.

C.R. 400N would need to be widened with 12-foot lanes, 4-foot paved shoulders and more, costing $400,000, said engineer Jeff Mahan.

County Commissioner Phil Bane said the company should pick up the $400,000, if they want to locate there.

That's just the beginning, something has to be done about U.S. 231 or the railroad, because semis would have to stop on the railroad while waiting to leave the facility, Mahan said. That probably means moving either U.S. 231 or the railroad. It would be possible to add a traffic signal at the entrance to the facility, but it would have to be tied in to the railroad signals. It is doubtful a traffic light at that location would be approved by the Indiana Department of Transportation, Mahan said.

Work would have to be done on U.S. 231 to the tune of $1.5 million not counting the cost of relocation or purchasing right-of-way.

"It would cost $200,000 to $400,000 for property acquisition (for the right of way), in my experience," Taylor said.

"There are options you can do, but not real cheap," Mahan added.

A committee is looking at all the possibilities, Bane said.