Submitted photoTerri and Randy Trinkle own this show place at 901 Valley Drive.
Submitted photo

Terri and Randy Trinkle own this show place at 901 Valley Drive.
The last Garden of the Month this year is located in Pleasant Meadows. It is the home of Terri and Randy Trinkle, 901 Valley Drive. This is a relatively new garden, just started two years ago, when the Trinkles' moved in after Terri's parents had lived in the home for 18 years.

The first task was to remove the shrubs that were in front of the house. The only plants that were saved are very large Hostas. The front flowerbeds were a bit of a challenge because they are on the north side of the house. Shade plants were placed next to the house with sun lovers to the edge. Many of the beautiful types of lilies were purchased at the lily farm in Darlington and from B & D lilies and White Flower Farm online. As you can see, roses can bloom in partial sun! Almost all of the plants in front of the house are perennials, that means they come back every year. The flowerbed inside of the circle driveway is the only full sun area in front. It contains Rudbeckia, strawflowers, Lillies, Chamomile, Lobelia, Meadow Rue, Coreopsis, Persian Shield, Castor Bean and an unusual Pink Ornamental grass.

The patio on the east side of the home is a riot of color with 45-50 containers of annuals, tropicals, cactus, lots of herbs and houseplants. Randy terraced a hill in the back by building decorative block walls to create a two level garden for vegetables and Sunflowers. When driving by please check out the landscaping of 903 Valley Drive also, the home of Bev and Jerry Bannon-very beautiful!

Flower Lovers Garden club would like to thank The Paper for helping us showcase great front yards to share with Montgomery County.